Wednesday, January 18, 2012

d.o.c.g is for denominazione di origine controllata e garantita

sometimes you are overwhelmed by crazy fancy food & you just want comfort food that can make you feel, well . . . "at-home" 
that's how we felt after a long day of travelling & shopping (oops!)

since we were also getting hungry, we decided to cancel on our tapas-style restaurant reservation 
& opted for a casual italian at d.o.c.g at the cosmopolitan hotel

cosmopolitan hotel is a beauty so i will first share few photos of the hotel before getting to the restaurant itself-
for those who haven't been able to check it out yet, but you love girly things, i promise you will fall in love-


now, onto the restaurant . . .
as written on their website's restaurant profile,
"chef scott conant's d.o.c.g is a new las vegas wine bar named after a category of italian wine called denominazione di origine controllata e garantita or the highest level of italian wine origin.
d.o.c.g is a casual rustic italian restaurant featuring pizza, pasta, steaks and chops, in addition to a large selection of italian wines.
the design is at once modern and rustic with exposed brick and reclaimed wood"

it's a decently sized, great vibe restaurant that has dimly lit lighting
& more than anything, everyone here was super friendly!


 & their food?
handmade pasta & pizza were both delicious, but more so for the pasta . . .
i don't like repeating restaurants much but i would go back for their flavorful pastas!

their menu is relatively small but there are plenty of yummy dishes to choose from
here is their menu

we first ordered 2 pastas, 1 pizza & a side
but ended up ordering 1 more pizza for party of four after realizing that the pizza is pretty small
turns out . . . we were being super greedy because we ended up taking back the pizza we ordered at the end

braised duck sauce & black truffles
scialatielli pasta “arrabbiata” with lobster & shrimp
brussels sprouts & spicy sausage
bufala mozzarella & tomatoes
“the d.o.c.g. pizza”
fonduta, egg & truffl es

so next time you are in vegas & you want some food that makes you feel at home yet want somewhere nice you can dress up to, i suggest that you check out the d.o.c.g

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. Your pictures make me feel like I'm there!

  2. that's great!!! :D hehehe! i do need a camera upgrade soon ;P

  3. *drooling* must try this next time i'm there :)

  4. great!!! you will love their pastas ;D

  5. yayyay!!! i know, cosmo is just too lovely...................... ;D