Saturday, January 14, 2012

best seafood dining . . .in the middle of a casino?

have you ever dined in the middle of a casino?
have you ever had seafood in the middle of a casino?

well, i am sure not many people can say that they tried either . . .
but i am here to tell you a secret joint in las vegas that is de-li-ci-o-so enough to endure waiting in long line to be seated at a less than 20 person-seats by a seafood bar, at a casino off the strip, surrounded by gamblers nearby . . .

not sounding attractive?
so i thought too, when my parents first took us here years ago

but it's definitely worth it
because this place is not only unique but their food taste unbelievable!!!
check for yourselves with their yelp reviews

honestly, it was always good
no doubt about that

but this time around, it was extra special, extra yummy
 . . . so good that we almost went back for seconds before we ended our trip (which doesn't happen often because i am not too big on repeating restaurants)

so! as written on the website, 
"authentic and delicious flavors described as a "cross between san francisco & new orleans" the las vegas oyster bar at palace station features live-action cooking and may just be the best kept secret in town...but not for long
order up little neck clams steamed to perfection or mussels from the deep blue sea
try a bowl of new england clam chowder or cioppino, or get a gumbo, pasta dish or the best oysters in las vegas right while siting at the bar
the freshest oyster bar in las vegas is first come, first serve, and always worth the wait"

we started out with some fresh appetizer, which they crack open on the spot
the whole procedure is pretty interesting to watch & it was funny when they told us "it took us much longer to open few oysters than for you guys to finish eating!"

as you can tell from their name oyster bar, their oysters are SUPER fresh, SUPER tasty
(even my sister who's not too fond of seafood approves)

but if you are not too big on oysters like me (although theirs is definite must), try their fresh clams on the shell because ohhhhhh boy, these were delish!

& here's the chef making our entrees

their main entrees are cooked individually in their special-looking pot by "steam"
the chef individually prepares all the dishes so to be honest, your dish pretty much depends on which chef prepares it!
according to my parents who come here at least twice a year, our chef that night came back after leaving due to sickness, so we were in for a treat! 
and surely . . .
amazing food we had coming that night :D 

the dish we always order, the bouillabaisse
it is classic french stew with onions, celery, shrimp, crab, lobster, cod, mussels and clams
where you can adjust the "heat" leavel . . .
i get about 4~5 (regular) & it's perfect for me

& as you can see from photo below, you get BIG chunks of seafood in your stew
which you can enjoy with the side of rice that comes with the stew

for the first time, my sister ordered their seafood jambalaya
and this was EXCELLENT!!!
so good that i might switch to ordering the jambalaya next time!

made with shrimp, crab, lobster, andouille sausage, mussels & clams is similar to my parents' favorite bouillabaisse , but it had more flavors . . .yumm!!!

honestly, i  personally prefer not too many people knowing about this spot,
so that i don't have to wait as long when i am there (as the line is already too long)
but i decided to share it with you all, so hope you enjoy next time you are in las vegas!
because i am about to drive 4hrs+ to las vegas because i am craving this! *wink*

i am now happilyfull ♥ 

see you on my next adventure!


  1. OMG! As soon as I saw your tweet, I knew you were talking about Oyster Bar! I LOVE this place!! Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Hahahahahaha! :D Don't you just LOVE this spot??? I want some moreeeeeeeee~~~

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