Thursday, January 12, 2012

best bowl of beef noodle

those of you who have tried this already know how a-mazing these are
yup, a bowl of beef noodle from noodle asia at the venetian hotel in las vegas

located in the middle of a casino, this unassuming (from the look of it) restaurant is well-known 
& i trust it because so many of my chinese friends actually gave this restaurant thumbs up!
i mean . . . you know it's good when  it's proven authentic by it's own peeps, right?

so this szechwan beef = whenever i make ti las vegas
& beef noodle the dish i always order . . . nothing else-
and i don't like to "share"  & i am not afraid to make it known to others

this is especially good late at night or . . . the morning after, when you need to 'recover'
this slightly salty, slightly spicy bowl of soup is just a-mazing, although i can't pinpoint what makes it so good! 

so far, i couldn't find a place that had as delicious of a szechwan beef soup around me . . .
so if you know of a place near los angeles that has "amazing" beef noodle, please let me know!!!
it would be nice to find a restaurant that is nearer so i can eat this more often-

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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