Sunday, December 4, 2011


one of my favorite type of food is japanese
because it always has clean after-taste
& because most of them are rather light

on those days when you don't have too much appetite
& you just want to nibble on little of few different things,
try having some yakitori 

yakitori is especially good after a long day at work
i ♥ cabbage + sauce 
soft tofu
agedashi tofu
okra is one of my favorites  
beef tongue is a must when eating yakitori for me! 
♥ so is bacon wrapped okra 
stuffed mushrooms
bacon-wrapped anything is good; esp asparagus
chicken wings
special abalone with shiso flakes & lemon/lime zest
mini zucchinis 
egg plant
brussel sprouts
as you can see... love love love okra
chicken skin.beef tongue. peppers

true, you will probably smell delicious all over from the yakitori grills
(especially with the ladies with long hair)
but nothing wrong with smelling like delicious food, i say ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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