Saturday, December 10, 2011


customizing food . . .
don't you just love that?

especially since i am someone who doesn't like to follow "recipes" & like to have my own version of food, being able to customize your own food is just perfect-
that is the exact reason why i love the counter
because i love eating burger (meat! veggies!) without the buns AND not being able to get your hands dirty is just another extra perks of getting your burger-in-a-bowl!
but that will have to be followed later because i need to go back & take better photos ;)

 today, it's about stacked 
honestly, when i first saw this restaurant coming in to a nearby mall, i thought "oh, another version of the counter!" 
they are different though, because they are more high-tech with their gadgets where you order using a tablet pc! . . . it almost reminded me of ordering on the plane; like when you are on virgin america 
and they did add more things you can customize: such as sausages, shakes, desserts...etc

tablet pc is so IN right now. . . 
since maneuvering the computer &
deciding on what to eat can get a little overwhelming,
i suggest that you study the menu first!
burgers & pizza
you CAN order from pre-made suggestions
if you are lazy to customize your own
as you can see, they show the options on the bottom
salads & soups
clever . .   ice cream sandwiches

now, let's try to make our own burger now!

i chose to stack my own burger, of course . . 
drag & drop
i also loved the "on the side" option
when you are done, you just click the button
"send to kitchen" for them to start making your foo
unsweetened green tea
bowl of chili
sweet potato fries
burger with coleslaw on the side
with chipotle mayo
i added bleu cheese in mine veggies?
when you are done, you just simply check out-
and for those dining in a group, you can also
split the check easily AND sign/tip on the screen

so if you are in the mood to create something of your own, definitely check out stacked
it's fun. it's easy. and it's convenient

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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