Thursday, December 22, 2011

korean bbq: beef vs pork

i have yet to meet someone who doesn't appreciate korean bbq
 . . . that is unless you simply don't eat meat, of course ;)

so! what about you?

are u team-beef or team-pork?
i am such a carnivore (rawr~) that i loved both!!
(although i would definitely pick beef if i had to pick only one)

now . . . where are my favorite korean bbq places around la?
i can easily name few, but here are my favorites:
park's bbq for beef & don dae gam for pork

and guess what!

they are sister restaurants owned by chef jenee
for more information, you can click here
i also like their korean tapas restaurant laon, which will be featured soon

1. park's bbq

top quality meat

great banchan aka side dishes
good korean main dishes including kalbi-tang & jjigaes
superb service
. . . what's not to love?

honestly, whatever you decide to eat will be mouth-watering good

but i do highly recommend their prime ggot sal which will "melt-in-your-mouth"
. . .  literally!!!

prime ggot sal
i mean, look at the marbling!
this tastes like BUTTER
when you are hungry & you need to start with something,
beef brisket is the way to go ;)
you can find this good quality brisket at too many places
seasoned-kalbi for the marinated meat
seasoned boneless short rib
& amazing banchans at park's
kalbi... nom nom nom
bean paste stew is spicy here, but so yummy!
i swear, good "dwenjangjjigae" after bbq "cleanses your palate"


2. don dae gam

top quality meat

10 different selections of pork which you can get in good combos

great banchan aka side dishes
superb service
. . . what's not to love?

i have one recommendation which is actually more of a "MUST"

yup . . .
pork neck which you can't find at too many places is really exceptional here
nop . . .
none of that greasy pork feeling which you do get sometimes from pork belly, but the pork neck is amazing with great texture & flavor

even raw meat looks de-li-ci-o-so
don dae gam also has great banchans! yumm!
my favorite
pork neck
half-way ready!!! ohhhhh the anticipation *drool*
isn't this the fattest pork belly you've seen? ever?
now that is a good meal :D
i do suggest that you eat it with lots of roasted garlic
looks fatty, but these are actually not that greasy!
good quality meat ftw!!!
when eating pork, few shots of soju will help you to eat more ;)
marinated pork neck is good too
but as a meat-lover, i always prefer the non-marinated meats ;)

so whether you are team beef or team pork 
or just a meat lover like myself in general . . .
fill yourself with some korean bbq to show your tummy some love! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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