Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hello kitty . . . shoes

so . . . adorable!!!"
i just came across these & couldn't help but to blog about it right away!!!

true, i am obsessed with hello kitty already
but i am sure those who are not as crazy like me will still appreciate some of these!

so why am i so excited?
look at these hello kitty shoes from sanrio!

to be honest, i love hello kitty & own tons of hk items, but i don't buy fashion-items (unless it's a pj) that have hello kitty prints on them, because i think there comes a time to stop wearing kiddish items at certain age-
however, these were too cute not to share & you will see why in a second!

first, look at this adorable glitter flats!
these are super cute & as kiddish as it looks, i wouldn't mind adding this in my collection + these glitter mouse flats by marc jacobs (although i already have one pair of mj's mouse flats already)

hello kitty halle flats for $89
features hello kitty's face as a mini charm over a bow
& glitter all over the exterior of the shoe 
also available in black
and this!!! is super cute-
these rainboots feature hello kitty's face towards the top of the shoe & silver glitter is spread throughout the rainboot for dazzling design

hello kitty angelina rainboots for $89
& these boot holders are my favorite! and i will definitely purchase them!
cute boot holder features a solid core to help your boots stand tall (when you are not wearing them), 2 magnetic circles on the bottom to keep your matching left and right boot together, a velcro top for added security, and a fresh scent to keep your boot smelling nice
in addition, the bottom of the boot holder features little bead sacks so that your boots can stand in balance

how nice is that?
boots are investment pieces & you want to store them correctly during summer time to keep the shape & these will definitely be cuter than stuffing your boots with magazines-

hello kitty boot holder for $28
look at the nice details
also available in pink
see you soon-
they even have heels! 
are you interested in 4.5in platform heels with hello kitty charm on it?

hello kitty luisa heels for $99
hello kitty flip flops that (somewhat) reminded me of the valentino sandals
valentino is one of my favorite designers, mainly because of the bows, bows, and bows 
but if you want to settle for more casual, beachy look, i think these would do just fine

there are also 2 other flip flops from the sanrio website, but i am only posting the one i think is cute ;)

hello kitty pauline flip flops for $32.50
also available in pink
bottom sole has bow embossing! loving the subtle details
and if you are more of a casual girl who likes sneakers,
check out these asics x hello kitty sneakers

asics everyday running shoe promotes natural foot movement, and with hello kitty design, it sports a cute and fun look for all of hello kitty 's atehletic fans
 since it's made by asics, these lightweight shoes are great for runners seeking cushion and flexibility for their feet &  since these are probably the cutest shoes you can find to wear during a work-out, i am sure every run will be extra exciting! 

asics x hello kitty sneakers for $150
how can you not fall in love with these?
i actually don't think these sneakers are too flashy
& that you can get away with wearing this because there are
some really bright running shoes out there in the market
i would like a pair of these to wear with my lululemon pants
. . .  i would be the most fashionable runner ;)
last but not least, check out these shoe clips
they are used to keep your left shoes & right shoe together & the 3.5'' long clip under the bow features magnetic circles for added security

although somewhat pricier than everything else (for its value), it would be very handy in your shoe closet to keep them together and to add a bit of fun decoration 

hello kitty shoe clip for $26
also available in pink

 hope that was helpful & 
those of you who love hello kitty have enjoyed them just as much as i have!

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life"