Friday, December 30, 2011

cupcake & milk

hello everyone!
it's almost the end of this year & i am so excited! 

it is STILL the time of eating . . . or feasting i shall say,
and everyone is STILL gaining few more pounds than they wish 
but that is the joy of the holiday season!

so today's topic is on dessert!
or  more like cupcakes & milk to be exact
as i want to have a sweet end to my rough 2011

i am definitely a big fan of cupcakes
whether it be eating them or collecting cupcake-shaped things

from so many yummy cupcake shops out there, 
today's post is on perhaps the most famous shop that started in beverly hills: sprinkles cupcakes

i must admit, there is another cupcakery in los angeles that i love even more than sprinkles
but sprinkles is still de-li-ci-ous 
& they offer variety of great flavors from the usual--red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, carrot, black and white--to a more unique flavors like orange, pumpkin, chai latte, ginger lemon...etc
you can find all the flavors of the day right here

since they are known for long long lines, especially on weekends, so you can get past all that craziness by easily ordering online 
in addition, sprinkles now offers online ordering for pickup in 2hrs or delivery within 4hrs

also, having the heroine of the show gossip girl blake lively's
s'mores cupcakes for charity which will hit the stores in january
will be an added bonus for the fans or anyone who wanted to try a new flavor
for more news on this, you can check us weekly's article!

 now, the perfect match for sweet cupcakes = milk!
i am sure no one will argue with me that the best drink to have with the sweetness of cupcakes is none other than our healthy cup of cold milk!

from all the milk contenders out there, my favorite is broguiere's farm
i actually did not know i could visit them in montebello, so that will be on my list of things to try ;)
so do i just love the packaging or do i actually think it taste better? BOTH!
broguiere's milk taste really fresh & yummy and the packaging really does make a difference too! 
plus, being able to use the bottles as props or as a vase with daisies is the extra perk of these milk bottles! 

& since we are on the subject of milk, i would also like to share some more amazing milk bottles i found on pixelclouds on creative packaging in seling nature's dairy
here are few on that list i thought were worthy of mentioning

shroederthe use of the words one, two, whole, and skim each scaled reflect 
the fat level of the milk, this packaging was designed by capsule
organic farmthis was designed by lindsay perkins,
it was inspired by a small, local, organic farm in rural maine.
calpismade in japan originally from 1922
forest-milkdesigned by rise design office, the tree graphic reflects the typography
nominated for a japanese 2009 good design award
julien de repentignyhe describes the idea to be "an experiment in cardboard packaging,
as well as communication"
blue moo, designed by dan kunitz
the idea is that older children would be attracted to the milk as it is

packaged in a more adult style packaging
feez, designed by hvingtquatre
they describe the design to be "the milk adorns the packaging,

the tasty fruit is brought out on the milk and on the opening that
enables the drinking"
bon vivant, designed by alvaro rubio,
"bon vivant" means a person who enjoys the good things in life,

especially good food and dink

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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