Wednesday, December 14, 2011

crazy make-up hype#1: drugstore lip butters

welcome to my first beauty segment!
those of you who know me know that i am a huge make-up junkie who collects make-up for fun, and trying something new brings me joy! since this hobby has started more than a decade ago, i am in the process of controlling my obsession because i have more make-up than i can use in my lifetime by now . . .

so if you are like me & you watch at least few of the make-up gurus on youtube
and if you follow at least few of beauty bloggers,
you know how crazzzzzzzzzy hyped these lip butters are . . .

i am personally more of a lip-gloss girl than a lip-stick girl
(even though i have tons of lipsticks i just seem to keep purchasing)
i was curious on why these took the make-up world by a storm
and had to try few of them myself . . .

since i prefer the sheer-er moisturizing lipsticks to super pigmented lip colors,
these were perfect for me, especially since my lips have been suffering a lot from the weather change this year

now, there are already tons of reviews on them,  so here's my quick two cents 

drugstore lip butters

revlon's lip butters are definitely the most anticipated, most hyped item this season
& i swear that every beauty blogger has at least 8 of them in their collection!

for lip butters, they are very pigmented in color 
& you can definitely get away wearing them as a lip stick if you are like me who doesn't wear too much color on their lips
i also highly recommend that you try the more pigmented shades to practice wearing a pop of color on your lips because that's what i did ;)
these remind me of one of my favorite lipsticks from dior with their texture, but obviously, dior is more smoother & just . . . better

here are some colors i ended up collecting:
065 creamsicle, 095 cream brulee, 055 cupcake, 045 cotton candy, 015 tutti frutti, 075 cherry tart
i still want to get two more colors: peach parfait & berry smoothie which seem like the most natural colors i can easily wear . . .

revlon's lip butters

now, onto the maybelline's baby lips
these are definitely more lip balm-like than a lip butter, also because of my shade selection
but i've been loving how moisturizing these are and have been preferring them over eos lip balm

i have these in my collection:
030 peach kiss, 010 peppermint, 005 quenched
& my favorite is the peach kiss because i love anything that smells like peach! 

maybelline's baby lips

now, l'oreal's colour riche balm
 i haven't seen many videos nor reviews yet, but i feel like i prefer 
for more color shades, you can check this blog as i couldn't even find a section to link on l'oreal's website

i purchased only one as i have gotten quite a few of lip butters recently, but i really do enjoy this one quite a bit!
818 nourishing nude

although it's hard to tell based on only one color, these were not as pigmented as the revlon lip butters, but it felt smoother on my lips and more moisturizing which i like

l'oreal's colour riche balm

what is your favorite of the three?

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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