Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 clever ideas to make life easier

if there are simple things that can make your life so much easier,
wouldn't you want to know?

since i was pretty amazed by these ideas and tricks, i decided to share this with you-
some of these are so simple that you will be wondering "duh! why didn't i think of that!" but it's all good! now you know & you can use these little tips to solve daily problems  

[in the kitchen]

bake cupcakes directly in ice-cream cones
so much more fun and easier to eat
Via: kiboomu.com
hull strawberries easily using a straw
microwave your own popcorn in a plain brown paper bag
much healthier and cheaper than the packet stuff
Via: squawkfox.com
stop cut apples browning by securing with a rubber band
Via: athomewithrealfood.blogspot.com
make an instant cupcake carrier by cutting crosses into a box lid
Via: realsimple.com
win friends at breakfast with this heart-shaped egg 
Via: 9gag.com
turn your muffin pan upside down, bake cookie-dough over the top
and voila! you have cookie bowls for fruit or ice-cream
click here for sugar cookie bowl recipe
Via: wilton.com

[at home]

rub a walnut over scratches on furniture to disguise dings & scrapes
Via: apartmenttherapy.com
remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen
with WD40 (which also works on walls)

Via: unplggd.com
pump up the volume by placing your iPhone / iPod in a bowl
because the concave shape amplifies the music

Via: realsimple.com
re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags
Via: savvyhousekeeping.com
find tiny lost items by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose
Via: instructables.com
store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases 
&there will be no more hunting through piles for a match
Via: marthastewart.com
for those who can’t stand the scrunching and bunching,
this is how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet
Via: stephmodo.com
bread tags make the perfect-sized cord labels
Via: unplggd.com
use magnetic strips to store bobby pins, tweezers & clippers
behind a vanity door 
Via: sprwmn.blogspot.com
a muffin pan becomes a craft caddy
magnets hold the plastic cups down to make them tip-resistant
Via: familyfun.go.com
brilliant space-saver: install a tension rod to hang your spray bottles
Via: jengrantmorris.blogspot.com
create a window-box veggie patch using guttering
Via: lifehacker.com.au
use egg cartons to separate and store your christmas decorations
Via: re-nest.com
use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, 
rather than cluttering up the floor
Via: flickr.com
attach a velcro strip to the wall to store soft toys
Via: realsimple.com

[for a trip]

store shoes inside shower caps 
to stop dirty soles rubbing on your clothes
Via: realsimple.com

[on the beach]

freeze aloe vera in ice-cube trays for soothing sunburn relief
Via: realsimple.com
we all know how handy baby powder is . . .
but baby powder gets sand off your skin easily? who knew?!
Via: iheartnaptime.net

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. thanks for sharing! brilliant!

  2. glad it was helpful!!! happy 2012!

  3. What a great way to start off my new year resolution. Clutter-free 2012, here I come

  4. great idea! clutter-free 2012! i am with you on this ;D