Saturday, November 19, 2011

taco sampler

it's late
i am still suffering from insomnia
and i hear growling noise coming from my stomach...

i am going to try my hardest to resist the temptation to run to the kitchen, but guess what i am craving the most at this hour!!! 
first thing that comes to my mind? some yummy TACOS! 

yes, those street tacos, taco trucks or "ghettos tacos" (however you call it...) are good and i really do love them, but i am actually craving Guisado's taco sampler the most at this very moment:

now, now, now...
you will see why you want these in few seconds or few scrolls, but Guisado's taco sampler just works for someone who wants to try little of everything!
no, no...
not those "little-of-everything" that doesn't taste great (think certain buffets), but plateful of yummy-ness!

as you can see, you get 6 tacos!
not sure what they are? no worries... someone will come & let you know what each tacos are

guisado's taco sampler

my favorites are tinga de pollo, mole casipoblano & chicharron en salsa
i do warn that some of these tacos will be HOT, so make sure to order their horchata, which just might be the best horchata i've tried!

some tacos are really hot, but that's what horchata is for!
super hot (yet addicting) habanero sauce
fish tacos; these are the sizes of regular tacos

 i know some of you have been dying to try this place already, but do keep in mind that they closes early and it really is actually better to go early, because the neighborhood can be somewhat "intimidating"
especially, for you ladies out there, i highly recommend that you go with a male company for the same reason!

however, no need to be scared! the restaurant is very clean inside & everyone is super friendly there

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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