Sunday, November 27, 2011

potful of spicy kalbi

now that thanksgiving & all the potluck events are over
(well, until next month for the holidays!)

first thing i am craving is...
yes . . . . .
some comfort food that can cleanse any grease and fat i've been eating for days!
so, what have i been craving for few days now?

this is not your typical kalbi-jjim
this is not your typical kalbi-tang (kalbi-soup)
 . . . but it's the spicy kalbi-jjim with spicy soup that will make your tummy happy-

i also have my way of cooking spicy kalbi-jjim, but it's definitely different!
. . . speaking of which, i should probably try to make it more soupy like this one because it is just so good!

big pot of spicy kalbi jjim
boil! boil!
my mouth is watering . . . 
finish them all, so you can make rice afterwards!
my favorite part of the meal = the rice!
this is the veggie with rice, which i personally prefer
or you can get your rice with cheese

fyi, this will be perfect on a cold day because it will surely warm you up!
although LA weather is acting up & it is currently almost 90degrees in late november,
go have a pot of spicy kalbi-jjim with friends & family and sweat off the cold together!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. omg that looks SO YUMMY. I want to go!!!

  2. btw you should post what this place is called and where it is! so we can follow your trail and try some of these delicious food :)

  3. yay! great idea- this particular place is called tturak in korea town: