Saturday, November 26, 2011

happilyfull's thanksgiving dinner

as promised, this is a recap on my thanksgiving dinner!

one of the things i am thankful for is to have my mom's side relatives live so close
(they all live within 20min of driving distance minus an uncle in hawaii)
so every year, the whole family gathers on thanksgiving & christmas
and enjoyed one fat dinner together!

this year, we gathered at my house again
but we decided to skip on turkey because no one really ever eats the turkey!
so instead of our family tradition of cooking 1 turkey + 1 prime rib,
we ended up with 2 prime ribs & a big chicken this year!

so come join me to see what we feasted on:

we always start nibbling on finger foods while the food is being prepared
mostly, the men in the family sit & drink wine while the women in the family chat up while cooking 
this time, the highlight was baked brie, which was a-mazing!!!

colorful veggies with 3 different dips
ham + basked bread 
reaaaaaaaaaaaally delicious creamy brie + cheese toppers
baked brie with cherry & fig

[main course]
as mentioned, we skipped on turkey this year for...
1 big chicken + 2 prime ribs (1 for medium rare group & the other for medium well group)
but everyone seemed to have enjoyed this year's option a lot more!

chicken has been seasoned & is ready to be cooked!
see you in few hours!
ta-da!!! perfectly roasted chicken
yeah;; the chicken has been mutilated because it was so yummy!
one tasting after another & look what we did! 
thank goodness for 2 ovens ;)
now, the prime ribs!
two prime ribs so you can pick the type of meat you like

sizzle sizzle
the noise that will make you drool

leaving one in the oven for the medium-well group
but taking one our early for the medium-rare group

sizzling on all angles even when they are out of the oven

team well-done vs team rare

[side dishes]
as much as i love the main course, i am sometimes more excited about the side dishes!
are you like that too?

cream corn in the works
i swear... le creuset makes everything a lot more yummier

thicken up, cream corn! 
lawry's cream corn recipe + our prime rib is the reason why i no longer crave lawry's
...yes, because ours is better!

fattening but yummy
basked garlic clove for mashed potatoes
mashed potato with baked garlic
sprinkled with my white truffle salt
butternut squash goes into the oven!
 my first time making the caramelized butternut squash
must keep the gravy warm!
arugula + romaine salad
southern greens

[happy thanksgiving meal]
my big plateful of dinner = yummy tummy

all mine!

i planned on attempting the butterbeer from harry potter for the longest time
but never got around to it until this thanksgiving!
here's what i came up with after checking few different recipes!
yesss, it's for sure heavy and sweeeeeeeeeet but it did feel like i was drinking the one from the movie, my favorite movie! 

in addition to my mom's famous peacan pie,
we of course had some pumpkin pie + vanilla ice cream, but i got too carried away with my food coma by dessert time that i forgot to capture it in my camera-

butter beer in the works
foams up as soon as i pour the club soda
nonalcoholic butterbeer, anyone?
mom's famous pecan pie

well, that's a wrap for this year's thanksgiving dinner
hope you guys enjoyed visiting my kitchen!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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  1. mmm~~~~* prime rib~~~creamy corn!! mm~~~~~~~~~~~~* nonalcoholic butter beer~~~ i wanna try all!