Thursday, November 24, 2011

give thanks day


although most now think of thanksgiving as a day you stuff yourself to the point of gaining 5lbs or more, it should really be a day of reflection to be thankful for all that you have in your life!

even though your life may seem rough or there might be things that are going wrong, there is always something you can be thankful for! 

this year was actually the hardest year for me (as of yet)
but even so, there are so many things i am thankful for 
& i am writing them all down in my journal tonight because i am not crafty enough to make a tree ;)

now that you are done reflecting on all the things you can be thankful for,
now it is time to eat!

happy thanksgiving everyone!
wishing you all a yummy-tummy day 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. the decorations are so cute!
    your crafty tree comment - lol!!

  2. i am so not crafty! :( hahaha! so i mostly buy & decorate- ;)