Sunday, November 20, 2011

black label . . . ramen

it's been really gloomy & cold recently in LA
in fact, it actually rained a LOT today...
and on days like this, i am sure everyone wants some soup & bundle up at home!

gloomy day in LA 
rainy day in downtown LA
*warning: do not take pics while driving*
pretty raindrops

since i was lazy to cook-cook, i decided to try the upgraded shin ramen, black label of the famous shin ramen called "shin ramen black"
i did hear that this was very hyped up in the beginning as a "luxury ramen" so i was excited to try these!

shin ramen black
they also advertise "no msg"
now, this almost got me!
serving size is showing 1/2 for 1 bag of ramen
so in actuality, 1 bag is
560 calories with 160 calories from fat
as you can see it comes with 3 bags unlike the usual 2
1. spicy soup broth powder
2. "upgraded" dried veggies WITH beef
3. sul-long-tang beef soup broth powder

as we get to know more about cooking this special black label ramen, i would like to do something different by inviting you to my kitchen!

amount of water is very important when cooking ramen!
close the lid & wait few minutes

here i am using an old-fashioned pot i recently purchased,
thinking it will make the ramen taste even better!
...well, i think the appearance makes all the difference :)
pro for having this old-fashioned pot?
water boils super fast!
but the con is that it does get cold quickly as well

boil boil
wait for this sizzle-sizzle noise because
now is the time for you to add everything in the water

i like to add everything at once
so that the noodle can soak up all the soup flavors
i also like to open up the lid after a min or two
& play with the noodle 

by playing, i mean lifting up the noodle to let it cool once in a while
for better noodle texture

it is now ready!
 here are some 'upgraded ingredients' from shin ramen black

overall, i recommend that you try this!

i know it will be costlier than your normal ramen, but "black label" is named for a reason, right?
but with the sul-lung-tang beef broth + beef pieces + chunky mushroom pieces + peppers + green onions, you really can tell that this ramen is more luxurious 
i was especially surprised by the quality of the green onions, because i usually skip on them when eating normal ramen, as it's rather rough and i don't like the texture in my noodle, but these were soft & tasty! 

i will also be cooking some "real food" in the future,  so please stay tuned!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. i actually like the new shin ramen black~ i put half of spicy powder so that I will have less heartburn ;D I like the upgraded beef broth taste~