Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to eat well with $20 for 2

hello everyone-
i cannot believe that it's already the last day of november!
time sure is flying at a super fast pace
& it will be 2012 before we know it . . 

since the holiday season is right around the corner 
and most of us will be tight with our fund with so many gift-exchanges, dinners, vacations,  and potlucks to look forward to, i would like to talk about "how to eat well with $20 for 2 people"

2 weeks ago, a friend & i were in the sgv/arcadia/san marino area in the heart of some delicious chinese finds
excited to try the famous iced milk drink with honey boba & pudding from the half&half tea house, we were waiting in the busy boba place
. . . only to realize that it was cash only!

it was trouble
because i never carry around much cash to begin with, and i only had $1 left that day after using all my cash earlier
but after searching in panic, my friend proudly pulled out $20 which let us order the drinks!

half & half tea house
there are few different locations

this is the smaller size of the two which intimidated us at first
but these are some yummy & addicting drink so you will be able to finish it!
i do warn you that it is very sweet & heavy and it's more of a dessert than a drink, but definitely worth it!

check out the size! this drink will not even fit in your car
their #1 best seller
iced milk drink with honey boba & pudding

afterwards, we realized that we were slightly hungry & decided to get some yummy beef noodle to warm up on a rainy night
thanks to yelp, we found the perfect place that was the busiest restaurant on that street that day & we were even more excited once we saw the menu as i found my favorite chinese dish: soup dumpling  (also known as xiao long bao)

but you guessed it...
it was cash only!

we quickly gathered what was left over after purchasing the boba + my $1 which wasn't much!
but thanks to amazing prices (which lead to amazing flavors) we were able to order 2 dishes that totally filled us up & put a smile on our faces and was able to tip well

beef noodle
xiao long bao
juicy soup dumpling
(please excuse my chipped nail)

so next time you are running tight on money, don't panic
and if you are in the right place, you can get much better food + dessert for 2 than what you can get from a fast food joint! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

Monday, November 28, 2011

cyber monday > black friday

how was your cyber-monday?
did you end up making some damage on your cc?

i personally prefer cyber monday over black friday
because i hate waiting in line! 

"luckily" i wasn't interested in anything this year,
mainly because i already did major damage on my beauty items during sephora's f&f sale
and already picked up some clothing items before black friday to avoid the crowd

but if this was on sale
and if i had the money
these definitely caught my eye

yup! it's a chanel guitar featured in the elle magazine
it's not from the current collection, but i just found them this past weekend  for the first time while drinking tea, so i aww-ing  ever since then

aren't they just beautiful?

but the problem is that...
i don't play the guitar;;

so maybe just these, because i love winter sports! 
even though my ankle hasn't been stable for 3+ yrs and i don't know if i can board normally
. . . a gal can dream, right? 

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

potful of spicy kalbi

now that thanksgiving & all the potluck events are over
(well, until next month for the holidays!)

first thing i am craving is...
yes . . . . .
some comfort food that can cleanse any grease and fat i've been eating for days!
so, what have i been craving for few days now?

this is not your typical kalbi-jjim
this is not your typical kalbi-tang (kalbi-soup)
 . . . but it's the spicy kalbi-jjim with spicy soup that will make your tummy happy-

i also have my way of cooking spicy kalbi-jjim, but it's definitely different!
. . . speaking of which, i should probably try to make it more soupy like this one because it is just so good!

big pot of spicy kalbi jjim
boil! boil!
my mouth is watering . . . 
finish them all, so you can make rice afterwards!
my favorite part of the meal = the rice!
this is the veggie with rice, which i personally prefer
or you can get your rice with cheese

fyi, this will be perfect on a cold day because it will surely warm you up!
although LA weather is acting up & it is currently almost 90degrees in late november,
go have a pot of spicy kalbi-jjim with friends & family and sweat off the cold together!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

happilyfull's thanksgiving dinner

as promised, this is a recap on my thanksgiving dinner!

one of the things i am thankful for is to have my mom's side relatives live so close
(they all live within 20min of driving distance minus an uncle in hawaii)
so every year, the whole family gathers on thanksgiving & christmas
and enjoyed one fat dinner together!

this year, we gathered at my house again
but we decided to skip on turkey because no one really ever eats the turkey!
so instead of our family tradition of cooking 1 turkey + 1 prime rib,
we ended up with 2 prime ribs & a big chicken this year!

so come join me to see what we feasted on:

we always start nibbling on finger foods while the food is being prepared
mostly, the men in the family sit & drink wine while the women in the family chat up while cooking 
this time, the highlight was baked brie, which was a-mazing!!!

colorful veggies with 3 different dips
ham + basked bread 
reaaaaaaaaaaaally delicious creamy brie + cheese toppers
baked brie with cherry & fig

[main course]
as mentioned, we skipped on turkey this year for...
1 big chicken + 2 prime ribs (1 for medium rare group & the other for medium well group)
but everyone seemed to have enjoyed this year's option a lot more!

chicken has been seasoned & is ready to be cooked!
see you in few hours!
ta-da!!! perfectly roasted chicken
yeah;; the chicken has been mutilated because it was so yummy!
one tasting after another & look what we did! 
thank goodness for 2 ovens ;)
now, the prime ribs!
two prime ribs so you can pick the type of meat you like

sizzle sizzle
the noise that will make you drool

leaving one in the oven for the medium-well group
but taking one our early for the medium-rare group

sizzling on all angles even when they are out of the oven

team well-done vs team rare

[side dishes]
as much as i love the main course, i am sometimes more excited about the side dishes!
are you like that too?

cream corn in the works
i swear... le creuset makes everything a lot more yummier

thicken up, cream corn! 
lawry's cream corn recipe + our prime rib is the reason why i no longer crave lawry's
...yes, because ours is better!

fattening but yummy
basked garlic clove for mashed potatoes
mashed potato with baked garlic
sprinkled with my white truffle salt
butternut squash goes into the oven!
 my first time making the caramelized butternut squash
must keep the gravy warm!
arugula + romaine salad
southern greens

[happy thanksgiving meal]
my big plateful of dinner = yummy tummy

all mine!

i planned on attempting the butterbeer from harry potter for the longest time
but never got around to it until this thanksgiving!
here's what i came up with after checking few different recipes!
yesss, it's for sure heavy and sweeeeeeeeeet but it did feel like i was drinking the one from the movie, my favorite movie! 

in addition to my mom's famous peacan pie,
we of course had some pumpkin pie + vanilla ice cream, but i got too carried away with my food coma by dessert time that i forgot to capture it in my camera-

butter beer in the works
foams up as soon as i pour the club soda
nonalcoholic butterbeer, anyone?
mom's famous pecan pie

well, that's a wrap for this year's thanksgiving dinner
hope you guys enjoyed visiting my kitchen!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!